Alladur Aldor was the given name of an ancient King of Naktur, before its fall-though he is the cause of it.

Long ago, in the Kingdom of Naktur, there was born a child named Olorin. He was born in the Southrul; a very militarist state of Naktur. From early on, he was beat, whipped, prodded, and stabbed, so that he grew up with strength in his hands, wisdom in his eyes, and watchfulness in his ears; none could surprise him, even at seven. At eight, he was sent-with the rest of his village children-to the Cenetrul, the dark and huge cavern complex in the middle of Naktur-where the first Nakturean, Orodrin, was said to have come down. Here, they received long, hard, and bloody military training; out of the thousand that came from his village, only 207 survived-including Olorin.

His mining and crafting skill was also improved upon here. It was a requirement of every Nakturean to take careful lessons on mining, crafting, and tunneling from an Elder of Stone; it was said that he was one of the Three Sacred Brethren that descended after Orodrin. Here, they saw that Olorin's skill was exceptional.