The Liméstæn and distinct members of other tribes follow the beliefs of Wyverism, the belief that twelve wyverns, under the guidance of Fyrulosor, created the world, and Wyverians, and gave the divine blessings of themselves to the Liméstæn. The land of Wyvernhome was created as the "Land of the Gods"; and right before the War of the Ancients fully spread its wings, the Wyveria took the land as it was and, using the Great Apparition in the North, copied and removed it to the SpiritRealm. There it shall lie... Forever, until all die or peace is returned to the World. Then, the Wyveria and Fyrulosor will look upon the world and grant it their divine love, and make it whole again, as it were before the Curse.

The deities of the Liméstæn are as follows.


Note 1Edit

Each one controls a different aspect and is its warden; and if any violates this aspect of the World, they are punished by that God or Goddess.

Typically by abduction, where they are taken into the Sacred Land and chastised, warned, and let free by the God and Goddess; then they can return to the world. However, upon a second infraction, the gods themselves cannot intervene; if Fyrulosor does not choose so, then those who dwell within the Living World must punish them as they will, for the Gods cannot directly interfere with our--the Living--world; they can only do things such as give slight emotional boosts, suggest ways of thinking, or place opportunities within the world for its Free Folk.

They can also affect uninhabited areas of nature, and aid in revitalizing their element; indeed, long ago, after the great Wars, the combined efforts of Fyrulosor and the Twelve Lords re-made that part of the world, restoring it to an ancient state of peace--although all would agree that the land was bent in such a way as to be but a shadow of its former state. Many of the mountains and locations have changed with this bending, as well as the Desolation becoming a huge, wild forest, and the other side of the mountains becoming completely wild where before it was one of the three hubs of civilization in Wyvernhome.



  • Fyrulosor

Rulers of LightEdit

  • Goddess-Dragon of Light, Ceadeus, Imledrei
  • God-Dragon of Light, Helioroth

Rulers of FireEdit

  • Goddess-Dragon of Fire, True Rathian, Sarinae
  • God-Dragon of Fire, True Rathalos, Ramjel

Rulers of EarthEdit

  • Goddess-Dragon of Earth, Duramboros, Dwimge
  • God-Dragon of Earth, True Barroth, Barolen

Rulers of WaterEdit

  • Goddess-Dragon of Water, Vodelektrina
  • God-Dragon of Water, Lagiacrus, Lagar

Rulers of ShadowEdit

  • Goddess-Dragon of Shadow, True Alatreon
  • God-Dragon of Shadow, Fatalis, Fatalithe

Rulers of IceEdit

  • Goddess-Dragon of Ice, True Barioth, Kuair
  • God-Dragon of Ice, Tuskurai