Lirreladril, or Doragokuni, is the land in which the Liméstæn settled in year F.A. 11, a short eleven years after the founding of the known world. It is known as the birthplace of the Liméstæn, and though it has sunk in the years, they still claim it as their ground and defend it fiercely.


Year F.A. 11Edit

Some nomadic peoples move slowly across the maiden land. They are the prehistoric Liméstæn, and they come bearing better tides to the barren, wild, orderless land.


The FirstEdit

The PeopleEdit

The People were the Liméstæn, as have been mentioned earlier. Their true blood is failing, but some yet remain, and they are known as the Relliméstæn, or "True Wyvernians." They have 300+ year lifespans, and are known for unique feats of strength.

The BordersEdit

It shared borders with the Central World, Minegarde, Moga, and the Endless Ocean at one point.