This article is for the history and detail of Limestaen Language. For the Dictionary, see: Wyvernian Dictionary

In The BeginningEdit

The Limestaen initially spoke a slightly changed version of the Elder Tongue, spoken by the wyverns; there were two forms of this. Eldari Limen, the most ancient of any language and the highest mode of Limestaen; and there was Esten Limessae, the lower (but currently most ancient of the surviving Elder Tongues) of the two.

Eventually, the Eldari Limen fell out of use by the Limestaen and while was recorded, none spoke it, and so it passed years ago out of all knowledge. It was long before that the primarily language of the Limestaen was the Esten Limessae-of which came their name.

Later TimesEdit

Most "modern" words were from the hand and mind of the Limestaen Houses of the High, and because of the way Esten Limessae is arranged, these words are very, VERY specific to their own meaning and cannot be split.