Mmm mmm mmm
mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm
Mmm mmm mmm
mmm mmm mmm mmm

Place faith in rock
and sword and stone
Place hope in wood
and fur and bone
To lay there long
Under the stars
With the moon
and sun afar

ohh ohh ohhhhh
ohh ohh ohh oohhh-ohhh-ohh ohh

Fine mists they laid
On spring's young hand
On rivers they came
A floating band
Water they carved
and sun was barred
Until the land
and rocks were bared

Ahh ahh ahhhhh
ahh ahh ahh ahhhh-ahh-ahh ahh
ahh ahh ahh ahhhh-ahh ahh ahh

A flame from stone-cliffs
Shines in the night
A land of torches
Strikes all with fright
There carved with fire
A symbol dire
For all men
and Wyverns the same

Cold be the hearts
Of dragon-lords
Cold be their sleep
Beneath star-doors
In mountains tall
Where dark things fall
In caverns old where no things dwell