The Spelena-Berel is a short, solemn prayer stated during the process of Acceptance of the Faith. As can be seen below, it states the recognition of thirteen deities, the acceptance of them as what they are, the recognition of the Wyvernia as being the creators and the Wyvernians (Limestaen) as being the most ancient of peoples. Finally, it requires the speaker to state that they will avoid harming all creatures unnecessarily and will fight only for the righteous.

I, <name here>, do query you, O Wyveria,
I do not ask of you your names;
Your names are known to me
You are in pairs Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Darkness, Light, and single He who is Best;
And you are most Holy and upmost in my love,
You are creators most great;
From you the bounties of the Wyvernen World can be reaped;
Blessed be you
Your People Chosen, the Wyverniaen people,
Are most sacred.

My heart is humbled;
My soul is gentle;
My hands are soft;
My words are kind;
Without need shall I never harm a man or beast;
And conflict will be avoided with utmost conscience; 

By the blessedness of Fyrulosor, I speak unto you.

This can also refer to the recital of faith:

Our fathers and our mothers in spirit
Are not above but around and inside us;
He who is Best presides;
Give us today and this day forward our beloved friends and our precious families
And protect us from evil as we protect those around us.
We thank you,
By the blessedness of Fyrulosor speak I unto you.