The blades Duath and Unqale have their roots in Tirnodleal, the great mountain in the east of Wyvernhome. This mountain is home to the greatest of the Eduri dwellings east of the Great Range; the only main portal lies here, and a great city of men has been established there. It is a major trade and cultural center for all the races.

But it was not always such. In the times before even Olorin (though he was soon to come), it was a dark place that had not been delved or polished: a natural cave and tunnel network, wholly unpolished, leading to the Leamen Arie that no folk had yet settled. It is here that the very first folk of the Naktureans who had come to Moga began to settle, and they were a peaceful folk; but still they were incredibly masterful with the art of war, and none matched their skill in weapon-making.

And so it is that, in the depths of the furnaces of Tirnodleal, the ancient blades Duath and Unqale were forged - but under different name: the Numenruien, the two who are lost, named after two young children who had ran into the tunnels and never returned. Great these blades were, and long; each stretched four feet long, and was carried in a long scabbard designed to fit the curved shape of the blades. They were both covered in many runes that have long been forgotten.

When Olorin rose to power, he had long admired the power hidden inside these blades. He demanded to have them. So it was also that the blades came to him, and in his ancient furnaces below the mountains of Naktur, he would forge - using a Scale of Tuskurai that had been given to him - Duath and Unqala Anew. This Tuskurai Scale was akin to the power of the one that Tuskurai himself made into a great Key, which he used to seal off the mountains to the west of the Great Mountain and East of the Range.