The Changing of Darkness is an event well known in Liméstæn and Mannish lore. It is said that in the ancient days of war, Fatalithe was smote down by Elrasil, a being of Light, and so Darkness diminished; it could no longer take a solidified, shelled form, in which no blade could pierce; life had to be given it, and darkness without Life was forced to be in shadow, cloud, or Reaching form; and the latter had no hardness or pain to it, but rather only a body, like a soft cloud that one can feel icy cold.

After many hundreds of years, Jon of Moga smote down Fatalithe again; darkness again diminished, and could no longer direct its floes on the wind. It had to be moved by hand or by some outer form; and Life could no longer be given to it save by some power that added to the Darkness in itself.

And when Fatalithe was sealed beneath the weight of a thousand years, Darkness took its modern shape: Shadow. Only in the absence of light is it now allowed to show, and then it must abide by ancient rule and disperse at the first sign of light.