Wyvernesselle, or Liméstæn, are the ancient peoples who dwealt in the land of Doragokuni, also known as Lirreladril (for "Maiden Land", in Wyvernian).


Founding of LudunorEdit

First CultureEdit

The First

Modern Culture/Previous CultureEdit


The Language is an ancient tongue known only to those who share some blood of them or who have befriended one who does. It is known as Wyvernian. It is a High language, and as such has few grammar rules that differentiate from the Ruling Tongue. It is also very fair, but also very simple and many words are similar: however, because the Limestaen are oriented around what is, and was, and will be, the names of things are typically long, and those names which belong to things of the same classification sound similar.

Other RacesEdit

Wyverns themselves, also known as halfdragons to some, are native to here. There are none left, to any knowledge, save for the Wyvernian Changelings.



The land of the Limestaen bordered at one point with the Central World, Minegarde, Moga, and the Endless Ocean before it was discovered and the New World founded. Now, it is but another hidden land of Earth, as all the others are, and its wonders are now gone.

Known as today?Edit

Their land has disappeared altogether after many wars, the latest of which ended the age of the Limestaen. They became a wandering people, and though they still live close and share surnames, they typically do not meet one another-a Limestaen is a hard enough encounter as a mortal, and is still so with Limestaen meetings. It is closest to what is known as Canada. They are still renowned for their cooking and the courtesy of their halls, for whoever can find them.

Characteristics of the peopleEdit